Homemade blueberry lime pound

🧁 Homemade blueberry lime cake with cream cheese frosting! πŸ‹πŸ«πŸ˜ This easy recipe is perfect for a sweet treat. All you need is a box of Golden Butter Cake Mix, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, and blueberries! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€€ The frosting is optional, but we highly recommend it – it’s so easy to make with just powdered sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla. πŸ˜‹πŸŽ‚ Give it a try and let us know what you think! 😊 #homemade #cake #recipe #yum

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Homemade blueberry lime cake with cream cheese frosting!


+Pour the cake

Β°1 box Golden Butter Cake Mix

Β°1 pkg (8 oz) softened cream cheese

Β°1/2 cup of water

Β°4 large eggs

Β°1/2 cup of sugar

Β°1/2 cup vegetable oil

Β°2 tsp pure vanilla extract

+For the basic powdered sugar frosting

Β°2 cups powdered sugar

Β°2 tablespoons margarine or softened butter

Β°1 teaspoon of vanilla

Β°3-4 tablespoons of milk or half and half


Prepare the casserole and preheat the oven – Spray a 10-inch loaf pan with cooking spray and dust with flour. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine all ingredients – In a large bowl, combine boxed cake mix, water, eggs, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract and vegetable oil. Using an electric mixer, beat the ingredients on low speed for one minute. After one minute of mixing, scrape the sides of the bowl and beat for two minutes on medium speed.

Bake the Cake – Once the mixture is well blended and smooth, pour it into your prepared cake pan. Baking 35-40 min On a wire rack, let the cake cool completely.

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Make the frosting (optional) – In a medium bowl, combine powdered sugar, butter or margarine, vanilla and milk or half and half. Mix all the ingredients together using a whisk, until well blended. The texture should be smooth.

If needed, add more milk or half and half to thicken the consistency. Once cake is completely cooled, drizzle frosting over top.

Enjoy !

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