Here’s Why Purchasing a Rotisserie Chicken from Walmart Is a Bad Idea

You should probably think twice before buying another rotisserie chicken from Walmart. Even on sale, the cheap price could seem enticing, but for $4.98, you’ll only get 1 pound and thirteen ounces of chicken, which is less than 2 pounds. When you can get a bigger chicken at Costco or Sam’s Club for the same price, why settle for less?

Even though Walmart owns Sam’s Club, the quality of the goods is different. At three pounds, a bird from Sam’s is just as heavy as the rotisserie chickens sold at Costco. Size is important, but taste is also crucial. Customers had mixed feelings about the chicken’s doneness on Walmart’s product page. On the other hand, Costco is always at the top of taste test results. As far as rotisserie chicken goes, Costco’s is the best, while Walmart’s is last.

On a daily basis, “Sam’s rotisserie chickens crush Costco’s rotisserie chickens,” as one Reddit user put it. In terms of salt content, though, Walmart does have the upper hand. The rotisserie chicken at Walmart has 690 mg of salt per 3-ounce portion, which is somewhat more than the 550 mg and 460 mg seen at Sam’s Club and Costco, respectively. For individuals managing their sodium consumption, Whole Foods has a lower sodium option: their rotisserie chicken has just 280 mg of salt per quarter of a bird.

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