Outrageous Lemon Berry Trifle

Prep: 20 mins | Additional: 1 hr | Total: 1 hr 20 mins | Servings: 20 | Yield: 20 servings

Layers of amazing flavors! This Lemon Berry Trifle will make your day cool, literally! It is a very refreshing treat to eat on a sunny day. If you are having guests today, it is not too late to try this recipe. I am sure that once they get a bite of this fruity dessert, they would want to eat the whole thing so make sure to make enough to satisfy their craving! By the way, I only use fresh ingredients for quality purposes. It would taste a lot better if you use fresh ones.

Outrageous Lemon Berry Trifle


2 cups heavy whipping cream

2 cups of milk

2 (3.4 ounce) packages instant lemon pudding mix

2 tablespoons lemon juice

2 cups heavy whipping cream

¾ cup confectioners’ sugar

1 dash vanilla extract

1 (9 inches) angel food cake, cubed

3 cups sliced fresh strawberries

2 cups fresh blueberries


Step 1: In a large mixing bowl, add in 2 cups of whipping cream, lemon pudding mixes, lemon juice, and milk. Whisk until well mixed and the texture becomes smooth.

Step 2: Cover with plastic wrap and place inside the fridge for at least 1 hour or until set.

Step 3: In another large mixing bowl, add in the rest of the whipping cream. Beat until well mixed and bubbly.

Step 4: Slowly add vanilla extract and confectioners’ sugar and beat until well mixed.

Step 5: Whisk upright for the whipped cream to form sharp peaks.

Step 6: Arrange 1/2 of the angel food cake layer into a trifle bowl.

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Step 7: Place a layer about 1/2 of the lemon pudding, 1/2 of the strawberries, and 1/2 of the blueberries on top of the cake layer.

Step 8: Top the blueberries with 1/2 of the whipped cream.

Step 9: Repeat this procedure until all the ingredients are arranged in layers.

Step 10: Cover with plastic wrap and place inside the fridge until set.

Step 11: Serve and enjoy!